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Cuisine/One-day lunch

Seafood can taste That's why Taiza fishing village

Special creation using a delicious part of the fish and charcoal grilling that bring out the full flavor of the food ingredients.You can enjoy it with the most delicious way of eating chefs who are exquisite but know their local ingredients.You can eat fresh and tasty seafood at a reasonable price that can only be done locally.

Seasonal seafood cuisine that cherished season

There are lots of tasty delicious tastes in Tango each spring, summer, autumn and winter.Sakura bream in the spring, rock oysters and clouds in the summer, Nodoglo in the autumn, snow crab in the winter.You can enjoy the exquisite umami you can eat because it is season.
  • Charcoal grilling to bring out the taste of the material to the maximum (April 1 to November 6)

    • Seafood charcoal grill course


      Tango Onsen you can enjoy plenty of variety of seafood Hashiudosou's classic popular course.fishing village's dawn and seafood prepared! Enjoy luxurious luxuries with ten kinds of seafood with charcoal grill and sashimi.
      From 11,858 yen(* Fee for 2018)
      Period available:
      From April 1 to November 6
  • Selected snow crab (from November 7 to March 31), including Taiza Crab vision

    • Tango Onsen Hashiudosou crab course


      Crab cuisine of Tango Onsen chopsticks Udo Zhuang on the famous Kyotango in the vision of Taiza Crab has to cherish the crab quality and freshness. Also, I need a cooking method to complement the original taste of crab, I have passion, such as how to cut crabs and preparation of soup stock.
      From 14,580 yen (※ It is not a Taiza Crab Course)
      Period available:
      November 7 to March 31
  • A day trip where you can enjoy seafood dishes and crab dishes Lunch / Lunch

    • One-day lunch/Lunch


      Tango Onsen Hashiudosou also doing day lunch / shopping for lunch / shopping.It is used by many customers including sea bathing season and crab tour in winter.We can prepare according to your budget, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
      From 6,458 yen (You can prepare according to ※ budget)
      Period available:
      All year available

Local sake purchased from the wine store of Tango Peninsula

Tango Peninsula is famous for its delicious rice, but it is also said to be perfect for sake making as well.Tango Onsen Hashiudosou, we have a wide variety of liquor from Tango's sake brewery.You can enjoy the best time with delicious seafood and local sake.
  • Famous sake of Tango Peninsula

    Each brewery 's brewing method is different, and you can enjoy the rice' s sweetness, fruity aroma and tender liquor.In addition, there are times when you can prepare a rare alcohol that you rarely get.This is also local fun.